By statute, three services are to be provided by townships: a general assistance program to qualifying residents, property assessment, and maintenance of township roads and bridges. General assistance at the township level provides immediate help to the destitute, according to local standards and needs, and with local dollars. Accurate property assessments provide income through tax levies for all local governments. The greater the proficiency of the township assessor, the more equitable the taxes paid by the property owners.

However, Townships often do a lot more. Many Townships have taken steps to provide specific needs within their communities and to design creative programs to help fill those needs. Roscoe Township, in addition to its mandated functions, supports and maintains:

Three Cemeteries: Roscoe Township Cemetery, Pinnacle Hill Cemetery and Willowbrook Cemetery

Two Parks: Kelley-Myers Park and Robert J. Cross Park

Stone Bridge Trail

Hononegah Recreation Path

Roscoe Township Community Center at Founders Park – Future plans include an Open-air Pavilion, prairie restoration and walking paths


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(Illinois Comptroller’s Office, 2023)